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LPG System Accessories

LPG Tanks

LG Motor-Gas is a distributor of quality reliable Australian made LPG tanks.

Manchester Tank

LPG Electronics

LPG Processor

LG Motor-Gas is a distributor of all your electrical needs, including guages, processors, emulators and relays.

We supply Australian made products from Peel Instruments, Apexus and Gore Research.

LPG Filler Valves and Lock Offs

LPG filler

LG Motor-Gas is a distributor for AMR Manufacturing. All products are Australian made and conform to AGA Standards

LPG Sundry Items

LPG Fitting

All hoses and fittings are AGA approved to ensure safe connections in all LPG applications. All brackets and cradles are made from optimum steel and coated to prevent corrosion.

LPG Hose LPG Bracket

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