Tartarini Sequential Gas Injection Systems

Tartarini are Italian manufacturers of the Sequential Gas Injection (SGI) System. With the latest systems incorporated, their system not only delivers outstanding economy but also no loss of power.

The company was founded in 1941 and prides itself in providing products of the highest quality and safety standards. Tartarini website link


The electronic control unit of the multipoint sequential system directly processes the injection timing of the original petrol injectors, transforming it into injection timing for the gas injectors. In this way the strategies defined by the vehicle manufacturer are guaranteed in terms of driving conditions and emissions.

Even with the passing of time, a better performing and more efficient vehicle gas running is allowed by the self-adapting and self-learning strategies of the ECU. Those strategies make the ECU self-adapt according both to the engine getting "older" and to the ever changing fuel characteristics.


The rail sequentially dispenses the gas to each cylinder. This function is performed by separate and absolutely independent injectors, which receive the electric signal from the ecu. This signal enables the system to calibrate the amount of gas that is injected in just the cylinder in the suction phase and it also controls the cut-off function.


The LPG regulator is the single-stage type with diaphragm and is compensated by the vacuum of the inlet manifold. It is designed to ensure a higher output pressure than the pressure inside the inlet manifold of the engine. The engine coolant flows inside the regulator so that the LPG is completely vaporised. A solenoid valve complete with filter is fitted on the inlet of the regulator. A temperature sensor and a safety valve are fitted on the first stage.


This very small electronic module is installed inside the vehicle compartment in a handy position for the driver. Thanks to its very small size it can be fitted in the place of an empty switch on the dashboard or a hole can be punched for it on the dashboard.

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